Nathaniel Andrew was born Nov 23 1997, I was sent home happy because I was told that I would never have children and here I am holding my son albeit a single parent at the time. I noticed little things but the pediatrician said some children develope late. At six months I found out Nathan has Cerebral Palsy and agenisis of the corpus collusum. CP means that somewhere along the line he lost oxygen and the ACP the brain hemispheres do not connect all the way. I was devestated. I made it my mission to give Nathan the best possible life. He is now 11 with a feeding tube and other health issues, but by God’s grace I tell you Nathan is blessing. I have never treated him special I treat him as if he is normal and able bodied. He laughs a lot, he truely knows joy. He is patient, because he has 3 other siblings, he loves to travel. At the present time Nathan is a Navy brat and enjoying all the traveling we do. I can go on and on but just so you all know Nathaniel is Hebrew for Gift from God. Nathan truely is a gift from God.