TreesIt is such a nice day out today. Spring is upon us and the trees are in bloom. This is always a time of renewing of life and freshness in the air so it seems. For me it is bitter-sweet as I lost Enoch May 6th and Josh April 1st. I clearly remember spring as a time full of hope that were dashed. I can remember everything being so full of life and feeling so dead inside. For the longest I went into a depression as soon as the first signs of spring started showing. A few years ago we planted a couple of trees in our front yard in memory of them on Josh’s birthday. I had his ashes that I never had done anything with so we had a special time a sprinkled his ashes under each tree for both because I did not have anything for Enoch. Now for the last few years in spring I get to look forward to watching my trees bloom and grow. It is a small thing, but it helps and they are so pretty. I was reminded of this today as I was looking at them and how pretty they are. What things have you done in memory of you baby? Is there anything that helps you? A special place you go to or anything. Many people have stones with their babies names on them here in the Children’s Park which is so beautiful and it is a great place to sit and find peace. I am not saying you have to have something somewhere, I have just found that it helped me.


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