Eric Matthew Nugent
My beautiful son was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long. Born on October 15, 2000. Lost his battle with pulmonary hypertension on October 16, 2000. You left a hole but made me complete. I am a better mother and person because of you. My moments of sadness are not moments of weakness. I love and miss you every day. Love, Mom
- Tara Wieland
Grace Burleson
Miscarried at 5 weeks 4 days
My sweet child, you carry with you all our hopes and dreams. You were the best gift that could have ever happened to us. We love you with everything we are. We will never forget you and what you meant. We miss you, our little miracle. We will meet you some day.
Grace Bass
June 8, 2007 (25 weeks)
We miss you little girl! You reminded us again that God’s grace is sufficient for us! We’ll see you again!
Gavin Kane Allred
February 23, 2008
You were our precious baby boy that we had always dreamed of. You were so perfect. We miss and love you so much.
Emma Mackenzie Adcock
February 8, 2009
Emma was born still at 37 weeks.
Grace Adams
Miscarried August 17, 2006
We love you so much. We did not get to kiss your sweet face, but one day we will.