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Welcome to Glory Babies! We are a Christ-centered support group offering hope and healing for those grieving the loss of a baby during pregnancy or infancy and/or for those struggling with infertility.
I was so blessed that your organization is reaching out to those dealing with infertility. I must say that other than my mother's death, infertility has been the biggest grief of my life. My husband and I got to the point where we went to a fertility specialist in Dallas and I KNEW God was telling me to let it go and let His will be done. Nothing had been so hard in my entire life and I have never cried so much over anything. But, I finally resolved that if God intended for me to be childless, I wanted His will anyway. I gave it up. One month later I was pregnant. I can truly say that I have not taken my son for granted a single day since I knew I was pregnant because "for this child I prayed." I knew how precious and fragile life was. Then the second wave of grief came when EVERYONE assured me that now that I had had one, I was "fixed." Having more children would be a snap. Well, time proved that that was not the case. Again, the Lord told me to give it to Him. It was easier for me to give it to Him the second time, but the result has been harder for me to accept. 12 years later my son is still an only child, but God made that one PERFECT! I couldn't have dreamed up a more wonderful, Christian young man. Still, most people don't understand the pain because they say, "At least you have one." That's very true and I'm VERY thankful because I realize many couples are never able to conceive. But, God has taught me many things through this. So, I just want to say thank you for acknowledging that infertility brings its own unique form of grief.
-Deann Lee