• Celebrating Life, Cherishing Memories
  • Finding Peace and Healing
  • Supporting and Encouraging Through the Pain
Welcome to Glory Babies! We are a Christ-centered support group offering hope and healing for those grieving the loss of a baby during pregnancy or infancy and/or for those struggling with infertility.
"Before the first meeting with the other original core members of Glory Babies, I was so afraid that everyone would forget about my precious babies except for my husband and myself. Unfortunately, that is what happens too many times and I felt that it was important that they be remembered and cherished by all. Glory Babies has really given my babies lives a purpose. I know that it is because of my involvement with Glory Babies, that I am able to say with conviction, "OK God, I am not happy that my children live in Heaven with you instead of here on earth with me, but I can understand that there is a purpose to my pain and that purpose is to be able to minister to other couples who are experiencing some of the same things." I feel that God has truly blessed me with the friendships that have formed during the last 4 ½ years and that the bonds of grief will keep us bound together for many years to come."
-Jodi Weaver